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When the weather revved against her, Bianca attempted her luck at a stranger's palace to find shelter from the cold and the rain. Victor packaged a blanket around her shoulders and cuddled her close to keep scorching. Her host's fine looks and generosity proved so inviting that Bianca swiftly found herself peeling off her sundress to sense his ample mitts on her figure. Victor taunted and fumbled her puffies, then spinned on his back when Bianca reached for his zip strip. Bianca gripped his trouser snake by the fuckpole, and observed it stiffen in her mitts as she ran her tongue along the under-side in lengthy, slow munches. After she railed his rock-hard fuck-stick on the couch, Bianca was crazy enough to want rectal romp, and spinned onto her side so Victor could relief his oiled pink cigar deep in her culo.